Samples and Ideas

Create classes for students and have them create timelines over a historical period. They can add pictures, graphs, videos, sound, and their own narration.
Create one of your own and insert quiz questions wherever you like. This can be great for having kids draw inferences from events.
Have students view an existing one from the community page like the one linked below.



Easy to use and contains a community of timelines to draw from. Professional ones available in premium version.
Students and teachers/librarians can make timelines interactive for free (up to 200 students).
Students can easily access your class with a class code that the teacher or librarian receives when signing up.


Limited to 200 students unless you pay for premium version.
Professionally developed timelines and lesson plans aren't free.
You may not print timelines unless you have the premium version. Students or teachers/librarians would have to use screen capture software.

Tiki Toki


Samples and Ideas

Students can create a dynamic and stunning multimedia timeline about an historic or current event or create a timeline of their lives.
Teachers can create timelines as well.



It's free to make one timeline.
The timeline is colorful and easy to scroll through. You can set it to scroll horizontally or vertically.
You can embed images and videos easily from Flickr and YouTube.


It costs money to do things like create more than one timeline or embed.
You are limited to 200 images or videos with the free version.
The teacher account, a silver account, is $125 per year. It gives you 50 student accounts. You will be given a class code to distribute.

Time Toast Timeline Creator

‍Samples and Ideas

Students can create timelines for a main character's life within a book, timelines based on their historical research, or timelines of their own life or another's life as a form of pre-writing.


Easy to use and looks nice.
Timelines are stored on the website and can be embedded into other websites or printed.
The viewer can click on the event and pull up additional information that the user has entered.


Requires Flash, so you cannot use an iPad to view unless you download the Cloud Browse app.
Requires an email account to sign register.