Note: QR codes require a reader of some kind (phone, iPod Touch, computer, etc)

What is a QR Code?

Websites with QR Code Ideas
46 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes

Ideas for the Library

Blog entry with multiple ideas:

Information on Series (tape inside the book or on a book display):
This website makes QR codes with images

Link to more information about different genres, authors, reading lists, or basic library contact information

Author Biographies
Display photos of authors as a child/adult on a poster and have students see if they can match the author to the correct book. QR code could link to the author website or just text stating the correct match.

Student Book Reviews
Have a display of books. Allow students to type a short book review and create a QR code.

Library Orientation
Use a QR code scavenger hunt instead of the traditional orientation
Sample of Possible QR code links (these were for my school-adjust to your school). Have a printed worksheet that student can complete as they go. Would suggest adding the question numbers by the QR code for younger students.