Photos and Images (images) (images) (images) (images with citations) (images with citations) (images) (images) (images) (free but requires attribution and has a 10 picture limit) (clip art) (clip art) (images, music, or video) (images, music, or video) (images and video clips) (free inspirational video clips) (images) (images) (images) (images) (Over 600,000 copyright free images digitized from the New York Public Library's collections) (free stunning photos from David Niblack though you have the opportunity to make donations) (high quality free photos gathered from crawling the net - check license from original source though) (copyright clear photos curated from the net) (payment required for larger or higher resolution) (copyright clear, age appropriate photos from the creators of storyboardthat) (check each photo for copyright terms) (Check copyright status of image. Most are in public domain.) (Links to free image and clipart sites from Infotopia) Breathtaking high resolution photos you can use for free though they state that it would be nice to give credit where credit is due and not to sell the photos themselves.You can, however, use them for commercial purposes. More high quality photos you're free to use. The only restrict is that "people may not appear in a bad light or...offensive" way. Free to use high quality pics as long as you don't use them commercially or for offensive purposes. Pictures that are copyright clear and appropriate for school-aged children. Citation provided. Great copyright free photos here even if you choose not to buy a "premium" subscription. Beautiful copyright-free photos you can use any way you like. Creative photos, including many whimsical pieces by Ryan McGuire, who asks that you not use the pictures in an offensive manner, sell, or distribute them for free. He says it would be nice if you gave him credit though not necessary. This site has some great copyright photos though there aren't very many. Nice browse by category feature. Free photos and drawing for education taken by an educator himself Great historical pictures for educational purposes only, but they ask that you attribute photo to the photographer. (Click on settings in the lower right hand corner and select Advanced Search. Then choose from the Usage Rights dropdown box.)

Music and Sounds

Studio Cutz (within AISD only) (music and sounds) (sounds only, no songs) (sounds only, no songs) Jamendo-free music (Links to sound providing websites from Infotopia) YouTube Music

Music you Create

Photo Editing: - Lots of creative ways to manipulate or add to photos for fun or to add meaning - Did you ever need to blur students' faces, so you could post their picture online. Fotor can easily do that and more, and there's an app as well! - Screenshot is an easy, free to use photo editing site that allows you crop, blur, draw on, and insert text.

Book Trailer Sites:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:
Little Brown:
Harper Teen:
Penguin Teen:
Random House:
Simon Schuster:
Scholastic Book Trailers:
Booktrailers4all (librarian-produced trailers):


Consider Gmail as an alternative for multiple email accounts:
Gmail by Google

To create library email accounts for projects that require email you can use multiple accounts attached to your gmail.

Type a generic prefix like student1 the + sign and then your gmail account. Example: You can create as many piggy back emails as you'd like. You can create a generic password (like library) or unique ones.

Fast Stone Capture

Use this to take screenshots or snips of pages. This is a great way to make student handouts. You can save as a .jpg or just copy and paste into a document. This link will only work within AISD. Note: this is on all new AISD loads and Vista or higher versions of Microsoft have a snipping tool that works the same.

Great, free screencapture/screencast software. Free and easy to use.

Snipping Tool

Certain versions of Microsoft Windows 7 or later now have a screen capture tool that allows you to select part of a screen and save, copy, or send it. It also has pen, highlighter, and eraser features. Just click on the start menu and type snipping tool in the search box.

Printing Tools

Word to PDF:
Print what you like (select parts to print):

File Converters

Tube Chop:

Online Citation with Easy Bib

Use this website to create a citation for practically anything. Simply use the ISBN or website and fill in any missing information.

Safeshare TV

Use this website to remove adds or other text around a youtube video. Note, can be a good work around for some district filters on videos you've previewed because most schools don't blog urls with this address.

Rubric Creation

Use Rubistar to create rubrics for any project. Choose the project and then categories. You can customize as needed. No account required.